Here are some basics on when various tax payments and returns are due.  There's no substitute for specific information, so give us a call if you have a particular deadline question.

Federal Tax Deposits and North Carolina Withholding

Semi-weekly Payers 
(essentially, those who have to pay their tax deposits every time they pay payroll)
Payroll Checks Dated - Monday, Tuesday 
Tax Deposit Due - Friday following check date

Payroll Checks Dated - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 
Tax Deposit Due - Wednesday following check date

Monthly Filers
15th of each month for the previous month (for example, payroll taxes withheld in June are due July 15)

Quarterly Reports
(Due April 30, July 31, October 31, and January 31 for the preceding calendar quarter)
Form 941 - This form reports to the IRS the wages, withholdings, and employer taxes for Federal Income Tax, Social Security, Medicare. You must file this form every quarter regardless of your federal tax deposit payment schedule.

Form NCUI-101 - This form is used to submit required employer contributions to the NC state unemployment fund. 

Form NC5 or NC5Q - This form reports to the NC Department of Revenue the amount of state income tax withholding for the quarter. Filers of Form NC5Q pay the state withholding each payroll.

Annual Reports
(Due January 31 for the previous calendar year)
Form 940 - This is the federal unemployment tax report. We will recommend to each of clients for whom we process payroll reports the amounts to be paid each quarter as deposits against this annual form.
Forms W-2, W-3 - These are the wage statements employers provide to employees and to the Social Security Administration.

Individual Tax Deadlines (including Sole Proprietorships)
Estimated Tax Payments (Federal & North Carolina)
April 15
June 15
September 15
January 15
Remember, you may be able to deduct your state estimated tax payment as an itemized deduction on your federal return if you pay your state estimate by December 31.  Please check with us to see if that strategy would benefit you.

Tax Returns
April 15 
Extensions of time to file are available until October 15. Extensions of time to file DO NOT extend your time to pay any taxes due.

Other Tax Deadlines
Corporate Tax Returns (Calendar Year) 
Form 1120S - March 15 (extended deadline September 15)
This filing deadline includes LLCs and PLLCs treated as S-Corporations for tax purposes.

Form 1120 - April 15 (extended deadline September 15)

This filing deadline includes LLCs and PLLCs treated as C-Corporations for tax purposes.

Partnership Returns (Calendar Year)
Form 1065 - March 15 (extended deadline September 15)
This filing deadlines includes partnerships and multi-member LLCs / PLLCs using the default classification of partnership.

Estates & Trusts (Calendar Year)

​Form 1041 - April 15